It was at the Monestry of Jerónimos, Lisbon, on November 27th 2014, that was first inaugurated the Collective and Travelling National Exhibition - 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artists - produced by Associação Cultural e Museu Cavaquinho. It was open to the public until January 11th 2015 and was seen by over 40 000 people.
This exhibition imediately made its way to Theatro-Circo, Braga, and it's going to be in Coimbra, at Sala da Cidade, during May. It shall take place in 8 Municipalities which, for the most part, cross-section the practice of the Cavaquinho: : BRAGA, COIMBRA, FUNCHAL, GUIMARÃES, HORTA, LISBOA, PORTO, S.ROQUE DO PICO, VIANA DO CASTELO e VILA FRANCA DO CAMPO.

Since the very beginning the Association has counted with the support of several recognized visual artists, among them Pedro Cabrita Reis, Júlio Pomar e Julião Sarmento. As a result of this connection, the Association picked up this idea of making an exhibition and invited 70 artists - most of them young artists - from all over the country offering them a Cavaquinho as the canvas for their creation.
Following the cities mentioned above, the Exhibition will be available to all the Portuguese and foreign institutions that request it.

This Exhibition was made possible through the patronage of an industrial musical instruments factory – APC – which was then joined by a handcraft workshop – Artimúsica – and ten individual crafters: Alfredo Machado, António Faria Vieira, António Monteiro, Carlos Jorge Pereira Rodrigues, Domingos Machado, Fernando Meireles, José Gonçalves, Mário Estanislau, Nuno Russel and Víctor Félix, who crafted the remainder cavaquinhos for «recreation» by the participating artists.



The high quality of the pieces made by the artists has prompted the need to produce a Catalogue Book, with the same title as the Exhibition, produced by the Association, showing each one of the pieces and its authors.
With photography by José Manuel Costa Alves and designed by Salomé Nascimento, the catologue - four-color and hardcover - has 160 pages with high graphic quality and appearence. It contains photographs of each «recreated» cavaquinho - different angles - and will be available not only at the exhibition, but also ate bookstores and museums. Distributed by Tradisom.



The Associação Cultural e Museu Cavaquinho, with Júlio Pereira - musician and responsible for the renaissance of the cavaquinho - as President, was created on July 2013 with the aim of documenting, preserving and promoting the history of cavaquinho and its pratice.

Since then, the Association has done a lot of background work, creating the necessary structure to the investigation of the instrument through musicology experts, historians, etnomusicology experts and anthropologists, signing protocolos with the academic comunity and associations, Municipalities and also Direcção Geral do Património Cultural.

It has also catalogued instrument-makers, musicians and groups of Cavaquinho players. Yet without a builduing of its own, the Association shows its work through its official website: where we can find about 140 models of portuguese Cavaquinhos, teaching material and galleries of photographs and videos, learn more about the history of this instrument in mainland Portugal, Islands of Madeira and Azores, Hawaii Brazil, Cape Verde and Indonesia.

The Exhibition 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, produced by AC Museu Cavaquinho belongs to a set of activities that the Association is promoting with the aim of boost awareness of the population for the rich heritage of this instrument and its pratice.

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